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Our Story


Guardian Strike, LLC. was inspired by disaster after founder, Rick Gilmer, lost his own home to  a fire during a storm in 2014. Being an owner of a small heating and cooling business, he witnessed the tragic aftermath of two additional homes in the community that had been struck by lightning during the storm. These homes burned as a result of being hit directly and indirectly, causing gas line ruptures.

After much research, it became evident there was no product in existence to protect homes from such dangerous occurrences. Mr. Gilmer and his team spent four years on Research and Development, acquiring a patent for Guardian Strike, LLC. This product is a valve which closes off gas supply to your home when it detects damaging voltage to the gas system.

Guardian Strike is a long-awaited solution to an extremely dangerous problem. Protect your home or business from fire, explosion, and/or deadly gas fumes.

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